VIDEO – Call of Duty: Ghosts teaser trailer revealed

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Activision have revealed the first official teaser trailer for the next instalment of the Call of Duty franchise, and you can catch it in the YouTube video embedded below.

Called Call of Duty: Ghosts, the next in the first-person shooting series is expected to focus on the “Ghost” characters who regularly pop up in the Black Ops and Modern Warfare games – you know, the ones with the skull balaclavas, like the bloke at the end of this clip. Simon “Ghost” Riley, last seen Modern Warfare 2, is tipped to be the lead character.

As for the link to warriors throughout the ages, as shown at the start of the video, we’re a bit flummoxed. This is…COD? Not Sparta, right?

No more details to share at the moment beyond rumours of a November 5 launch date and confirmed Xbox 360, PS3 and PC releases, but we’ll keep you posted. Fingers crossed for a next-gen announcement, eh?

Gerald Lynch
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