LG and Google planning Nexus 5, OLED TV with Google TV inside?

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nexus-4-media.pngLG’s Nexus 4 Google flagship phone was, despite supply shortages, one of the best phones of last year, if not the best thanks to its affordable pricing. Now it seems as though Google and LG are looking to team up once more for new tech treats in 2013.

According to The Korean Times, Google CEO Larry Page has shared a coffee or two with LG’s chief executive Koo Bon-joon, with the pair discussing a potential successor to the Nexus 4, as well as exploring possibilities relating to LG’s OLED technologies.

Google in particular are said to be incredibly keen to use LG’s OLED tech, not just in phones, but possibly in a big-screen tie-up with Google TV.

With the recently announced rollout of LG’s curved OLED TVs, could Google be looking at getting in on a premium TV set release?

If the rumours are true, they seem to lay to rest claims that LG were at fault when it came to the Nexus 4’s frustrating supply shortages. Many felt that the blame laid at the feet of LG and their manufacturing partners as Nexus 4 stock ran incredibly low, put it’s possible it was a cynical move by both Google and LG to limit supply to increase demand. We all want what we can’t have, right?

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