Grand Theft Auto V Collector's Edition and Special Edition revealed, include both digital and physical additions

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gta-v-collectors-edition.jpgRockstar have lifted the covers on two deluxe versions of their hotly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto V game, with both the GTA V Collector’s Edition and Special Edition versions of the games offering collectible items and in-game digital additions alongside the standard game.

The Collector’s Edition, packed in a large box, is the most jam-packed for hardcore fans and includes an exclusive artwork book, an blueprint map of the in-game world of Los Santos with secrets marked on it, a GTA V security deposit bag with logo key, and snapback baseball cap.

Digital content in the Collector’s Edition includes an aerial challenges Plane Trials mission pack, additional in-game outfits and tattoos, additional weapons, unique vehicles and a garage to store them in, the ability to make custom characters for online modes and, intriguingly, an ability to boost in game character’s Trevor, Michael and Franklin’s special ability recharge times by 25%.

The Special Edition has much of the above, but does not include the large box, nor cap nor security deposit bag, and also removes the ability to create custom online characters, as well as removing the unique vehicles and garage.

A pre-order bonus across all versions of the game, including the standard edition, gibes access to an in-game blimp to pilot too.

We’re still waiting on pricing for these deluxe versions of the game to be revealed, and will pass them on as we receive them.

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