Asda slash Wii U price yet again, down to just £149/£199

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nintendo-wii-u.jpgNintendo’s Wii U woes continue to mount, with UK supermarket giant Asda revealing it will be lowering its prices for the new games console yet again.

A Basic Wii U console at Asda will now cost just £149, while a Premium Wii U is priced at £199.

It’s the lowest price Nintendo’s latest console (which launched just back in November) has ever been, undercutting even Asda’s own previous low of £199/£249 for the Basic and Premium consoles respectively.

It’s not yet clear whether fellow retailers will follow Asda’s pricing plan, though many did follow suit in the wake of their initial price cut.

The console had initially launched at £249/£299 for the Basic and Premium console packs respectively.

Though selling well in the pre-Christmas rush, sales of the Wii U have since slumped. Though 3.45 million Wii U consoles have sold since launch, only 390,000 machines have been snapped up following the holiday rush.

The company has already failed to meet revised sales targets for the outgoing financial, narrowly staying in profit due to a favourable exchange rate.

Nintendo retain hopeful for the coming year however, with big AAA-titles such as Pikmin 3, Zelda: Wind Waker, Mario and Mario Kart in the pipeline, aiming for 9 million console sales by this time next year.

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