A gold-plated Samsung Galaxy S4 can be yours for £1,700


goldgenie-s4.jpgLuxury gadget vendors GoldGenie have extended their Midas touch to Samsung’s latest and greatest, the Galaxy S4.

For £1,700, oil barons and bankers can pick up a gold-plated build of the handset, with the S4 in question being a SIM-free, 16GB variant.

Available in standard gold (if there is such a thing) platinum or rose gold, the handset goes on sale from May 23.

Despite a price tag in line with a small second hand car, the Galaxy S4 from GoldGenie is actually one of the cheaper luxury phones out there. The Vertu Ti for instance sells for between £6,700 and £14,000 depending on the finish, while the AEsir Æ+Y will set you back a giant £36,000 despite the fact it doesn’t even have a web connection. We’ll take a standard HTC One over them any day.

Gerald Lynch
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