Yves Saint Laurent mimic graphene properties for new mascara

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YSL-graphene.jpgYves Saint Laurent are extending their Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils line with a new “Baby Doll” version.

Hang on; make-up news, on Tech Digest? What’s going on here then?

Rest assured, we haven’t gone mad – it seems that YSL have taken some very interesting inspiration in the design of the new mascara line.

The formula used to deliver “long-lasting volume and intense colour” in the mascara range has been inspired by graphene, the thin, flexible carbon crystal material that’s being heralded as the new miracle-material in the tech and construction industries. It’s made of a single layer of carbon atoms and has ridiculous properties, being stronger than diamond, more conductive than copper and more malleable than rubber.

UK Chancellor George Osborne has already allocated £50m to graphene research, and tech companies including Nokia, Philips and Dyson are all looking into how they can make lighter, practically indestructible products with the material.

Would you want graphene, or a compound that mimics its properties anywhere near your eyes? We’re not entirely sure – you’re unlikely to get panda eyes if you get a bit teary wearing it we’d imagine. And to be fair, it’s probably little more than marketing blarney from YSL. But if even one of the world’s largest fashion houses can see the benefits of being associated with the material, graphene seems to be making real waves now.

Gerald Lynch
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