Windows 8 inspired a Windows tablet surge, says research firm

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Surface-big-top.jpgThough Microsoft remain tight-lipped over just how many Surface tablets they’ve managed to flog around the world, new research from analytics firm Strategy Analytics suggests that the company’s Windows 8 software has at least inspired consumers to take a punt on Windows tablets.

Looking at the tablet market during the first quarter of 2013, the report shows that Windows tablet demand is on the up, with 3.4 million slates packing the Microsoft OS (from numerous manufacturers) shipping during the period.

That gives the Microsoft OS a 7.5% tablet market share, trailing behind Apple’s iOS iPads (48.2%) and the multitude of Android tablets (43.4%) from basically every consumer tech company in the world that isn’t Apple. Though only a small chunk of the pie, 7.5% share after 5 months release against two well established tablet giants isn’t half bad.

Keep in mind that Strategy Analytics aren’t explicitly defining what constitutes a Windows 8 tablet here – with the operating system in its many guises working across tablets and convertible touchscreen notebooks, it’s possible that these figures are also taking in sales of those machines too.

Gerald Lynch
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