O2 Refresh contract separates phone from minutes helping early upgraders


Refresh-logo-675x310.jpgO2 have today launched a new contract option called O2 refresh, designed to make it easier for customers to upgrade to the latest phones midway through a contract.

Separating calling plans from the mobile phone hardware’s costs, O2 Refresh splits a 24 month contract in half. If you want to upgrade to this year’s new iPhone while still tied to an iPhone 5 contract for instance, you can simply pay off the outstanding balance on the existing phone in order to get the new one, keeping the calling plan side of the contract unchanged.

If after the 24 months are up you’ve decided to stick with your current phone, the phone part is paid up and all you’re left with are the call plan charges, making it a nice and cheap option for those who persevere with their phones for a long time.

“Mobile phone technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, yet the way phones are sold has remained largely static,” said Feilim Mackle, Sales and Service Director at Telefónica UK.

“Increasingly our customers are telling us that they don’t want to be tied to the same phone for two years and, with 4G coming to O2 this summer, we want to make it easier for our customers to benefit from the latest technology. For the first time in the UK, O2 Refresh will make it possible to get a new phone part way through a pay monthly contract, at any time – quickly, easily and cost-effectively.”

Airtime plans go from £12 to £22, with O2 using an example HTC One contract that sits at £49.99 upfront and £20 a month for the phone.

O2 Refresh launches on April 16th. Click here for more info.

Gerald Lynch
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