Google Play Store purge sees 60,000 spam apps removed

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google-play-logo.jpgGoogle have removed 60,000 spam apps from the Google Play store over the course of February, the company’s largest ever app cull.

Whereas Apple’s App Store has strict guidelines as to what is suitable for its software marketplace, and an approval process that vets all apps before distribution, Google’s Play Store is more lax in its app approval process, leading to the need for such a cull.

Uncovered by TechCrunch via “a company in the mobile app industry which has insight into changes like this,” it’s thought that improvements to Google’s spam-detecting algorithms are as much the reason for the higher number as any concerted effort from the company.

The move follows a redesign of the Google Play store, intended to make navigation of the store and browsing of the growing number of applications available through it simpler. It’s gradually rolling out to all Android users over the coming days.

It’s likely that with the launch of the new version of Android, Key Lime Pie, expected to launch before the end of the summer, Google are looking to get their house in order. Sprucing up the app store and cutting the crap will definitely help pull the operating system into fighting-fit shape ahead of the launch.

Gerald Lynch
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