Google Glass selling on eBay, auction hits £90,000 and rising

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google-glass-ebay.jpgLooking to get in on the Google Glass futuristic headset wearing craze earlier than the rest of the gadget-loving pack? Then head over to eBay where, if you’ve got the dough, you can bid on a live auction for one of the pairs of augmented reality specs.

Google have been sharing the Glass glasses with only select developers and evangelists, but opened the pre-release user base a little wider recently with the #ifihadglass Twitter competition, asking for inventive uses for their Glass gear (and $1,500) in exchange for access to a limited number of Explorer Edition headsets.

The eBayer responsible for the current auction, raenblow, claims to have been one of the lucky competition winners, stating in the auction description:

“I was selected to try Google Glass. I was contacted via twitter and can send a screen shot. I will get details in a few weeks to pick them up!”

So far the auction has hit $90,100 (just over £59,000), with 28 bids and over 3 days until the auction closes. Click here to check it out.

With no firm release date for the launch of Google Glass in place, it seems there are many keen to pay top dollar to get early access to the Robocop-like gear, or at least a lot of eBay pranksters with no intention of ever coughing up the cash.

Either way, it’s unlikely that the final transaction will be allowed to be completed. Google explicitly state that the Google Glass competition winners cannot resell or even gift the Google Glass headsets they get, so expect Google to intervene here some point soon.

Yesterday saw the first firm specifications for Google Glass revealed, including 16GB of storage, 720p video recording and an all-day battery life.

Gerald Lynch
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