Alleged iPad 5 bezel leak hints at iPad Mini influence on new tablet

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iPad-5-bezel-rumour.jpgDid you like the thin-bezel stylings of the iPad Mini? Well you better have, as it seems Apple is rolling out that look across its next-generation full-size iPad offerings.

That’s what’s been suggested by a spyshot of what’s apparently a leaked next-gen iPad 5 bezel, as published by Frech tech blog Nowhere Else.

Like the iPad Mini, the upper and lower edges of the leaked bezel (when held vertically) remain chunky, or at least chunky enough to retain the Home button. The left and right sides however seem thinner than standard iPad size. With the hand in the bottom right corner giving us a sense of scale, the bezel does indeed appear to be for a full size Apple tablet.

Of course, this leak should be taken with a pinch of salt – we’ve still yet to hear any official word from Apple on the iPad 5, and it wouldn’t take a genius to knock up a fake enlarged iPad Mini frame.

However, Nowhere Else has a good track record when it comes to Apple rumours, being among the first to get a sniff of the Lightning connector and the iPhone’s nano-SIM slot.

We’ll keep you posted on any further iPad 5 rumours as they come in.

Gerald Lynch
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