Nvidia reveal details on future Tegra mobile processors: Logan, Parker

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tegramap-nvidia.jpgNvidia have revealed details on what’s next in store for their Tegra line of mobile processors.

Two new mobile chipsets were teased, going under the superhero codenames Logan (as in X-Men’s Wolverine’s real name) and Parker (as in Spider-Man alter-ego Peter Parker). On track for 2014 and 2015 debut’s respectively, each will offer 4G LTE compatibility and improved performance through the harnessing of new GPU technology.

Logan, for instance, will feature similar Kepler architecture to that found in the company’s high-end desktop GPUs, such as the GTX Titan. Both Logan and Parker will also make use of Nvidia’s CUDA tech, allowing the processors to use the power of the CPU and GPU combined for intensive tasks.

The Parker generation of chips will be the first 64-bit Tegra processors, built around ARM’s 64-bit ARMv8 architecture, known as Project Denver.

Parker will also use the forthcoming Maxwell GPU, combining GPU and CPU memory to allow both to read share the other’s memory. Stacked transistors should also improve power efficiency.

Gerald Lynch
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