Microsoft Surface Pro launch hitting UK in coming weeks

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microsoft-surface-tablet.jpgMicrosoft’s long-awaited Surface Pro tablet, seen by many as the company’s first fully-fledged hardware device, will have its international availability expanded in the coming weeks, alongside its less-powerful Surface RT sibling.

Most importantly for Tech Digest readers, the Surface Pro tablet will be available in the UK in the coming weeks, moving beyond its US and Canadian launch territories, as well as being made available to new consumers in China, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

The Surface RT will also be made available to 15 more markets, including Japan, Mexico, Russia and New Zealand.

No specific release date information has been given yet, but reports suggest the wait will be just a matter of weeks, rather than the months stated by Microsoft’s current promotional materials.

The Surface Pro, packing in a full-fat version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, went on sale in the US and Canada back in February and quickly sold out over its opening weekend. Apple-style launch queues were reported outside stores selling the tablet, though its not yet certain if the quick sell outs were due to overwhelming demand of low numbers of stock to being with.

Gerald Lynch
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