Facebook getting a new-look News Feed for 2013

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facebook-news-feed-2012.jpgBig changes are coming to the Facebook News Feed, the social networking giant revealed in a press conference today.

The Facebook News Feed (the area of the site that holds all of your friends’ and Liked pages’ posts in a stream) will be given an overhaul, with a new interface that’s “mobile-inspired” in its design that will turn Facebook into a “personalised newspaper”, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The aim is also to further align the look of the desktop version of the network and its many mobile variants.

The changes will reflect and take advantage of the growth in visual content being shared on the site, and will also work to make clearer differentiation between posts from real-world friends and those of brand pages and celebrities.

Photos and albums that appear in the News Feed will now appear larger, looking similar to the style already adopted in users personal Timeline pages.

Articles from “Liked” websites and publications will also be expanded, giving more space over to their pictures and synopsis. Third party content from sites such as Pinterest and linked apps will also be made more attractive.

Facebook will now also recommend outside content based on your Liked pages. The example being given that if you Liked Taylor Swift’s Facebook page, content from apps and groups that post about her (seemingly even if they are links to outside websites) will also optionally appear in your News Feed.

As this is a developing story we’ll have more on the changes as we find out. As ever with Facebook updates, expect the roll-out of the changes to occur gradually across the globe.

Gerald Lynch
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