Bioshock Infinite becomes one of the all-time top rated games

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bioshock-infinite-top-score.jpgBioshock Infinite, the long-awaited first person shooter from the visionary Ken Levine and his development team at Irrational Games, has become one of the most highest-rated games of all time, according to review aggregation service Metacritic.

Pulling in 43 critic reviews, Bioshock Infinite has a score of 96 out of 100 on the PC, making it the joint most-critically acclaimed PC game of all time alongside both Half-Life games and the original Bioshock, according to Metacritic’s pooled scores. Out of the Park Baseball is also up there, but it’s only off a review sample pool of five critics, so we’ll call that an anomaly.

As an all-format game, it drops one and two points for its PS3 and Xbox 360 versions respectively, which still leaves it as one of the top-five games of the generation (tied with numerous others).

Critics offer high praise indeed. The Guardian’s Nick Cowen says that “BioShock Infinite is a hell of a lot of fun to play. That really should be the only quality it needs to exhibit. The fact that it holds much more feels like an advancement of an art form.”

Eurogamer’s Tom Bramwell had high praise for Elizabeth, the game’s mysterious heroine who acts as a companion to the player throughout, saying “The fact that you come to take Elizabeth’s unlikely existence for granted is one of the strangest and most brilliant things about BioShock Infinite.”

Bioshock Infinite takes place in the year 1912 in the city of Columbia, floating in the clouds above America. As the troubled Booker DeWitt, you have to clear your debts by capturing Elizabeth Comstock, a girl held captive in tower protected by a giant mechanical eagle, whose reality-bending powers make her a threat to all who come in contact with her.

It’s a truly stunning game, and we’ve had the pleasure to play it over the last few days. Check out our full review here.

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