Ubuntu phones to hit stores in October

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ubunto-phones.jpgCanonical are claiming that their new Ubuntu OS will be in in the hands of developers by late February and in stores by October, ready for launch in “two geographically large markets”, so far undisclosed.

A brand new gesture-based operating system, it’s unclear yet which handset manufacturers will be making the new mobile devices, but Canonical promise that a smooth transition from Android awaits any manufacturer looking to get onboard.

Developers looking to try the Ubuntu developers build need only access to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus in order to install it.

Part of the appeal of Ubuntu, beyond its clever touch-and-swipe orientated design is its device interoperability. Ubuntu phones will play nicely with docks and larger displays, letting them behave like PCs when necessary, while native Ubuntu apps will also work identically on desktop computers.

Though carriers are said to love the prospect of having a third mobile OS to push in stores, (discounting the slow sales of Windows Phone 8 and as-yet-unproven BlackBerry 10) and one that they can wrestle more influence over than iOS pricing, Canonical may find it difficult to get OEMs onboard. With Android manufacturers other than Samsung struggling to shift significant numbers of devices, OEMs may be cautious when approaching a new OS, and one that could potentially rival their established Android wares.

Via: Wall Street Journal

Gerald Lynch
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