Is this the PS4 controller? Gamepad with touch controls spotted


sony-playstation-4-controller-with-touchpad-top.jpgCould this be Sony’s touchpad-packing PlayStation 4 controller?

That’s the word coming out of Destructoid, who have nabbed a picture of what is purportedly Sony’s next-gen console gamepad.

Though similar in style to the existing PlayStation 3 controller, the most striking difference in the inclusion of a touchpad in the gamepad’s centre, usually the spot reserved for the Start and Select buttons. There also appears to be a speaker grille just below the touchpad, or possibly even a microphone.

The other obvious difference is that of a blue light on the top edge of the controller, arguably either just for show, representing Bluetooth connectivity or possibly even built-in Move motion controls.

The two additions suggest controlling games and the interface of the PS4 will involve touch gestures and motion controls.

Apart from that it’s business as usual – two analogue sticks (now featuring an extra notched ring each for grip), the Square, Triangle, Cross and Circle buttons, a D-Pad, R1, R2, L1, and L2 buttons all being present.

Though unconfirmed, the picture does line up nicely with an earlier report from Edge, who stated that the console would come with a controller similar in size to that of the PS3 one, albeit with a touchpad included. They did however suggest that the central PS button would be removed, and it appears to still be present here. Edge also reported that a “Share” button would be on offer through the touchpad, allowing gamers to record up to fifteen minutes of gameplay direct to their consoles.

The PlayStation 4 is expected to be revealed at a flashy New York event next Wednesday (20 February). We’ll have all the details of what’s eventually revealed then, so keep checking back for more PS4 news.

Gerald Lynch