Is The BlackBerry Z10 The Ultimate Device For Keeping In Touch?

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The BlackBerry Z10 is the first smartphone to run the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, and the device has been met with a good reception following its launch at the end of January. BlackBerry had a tough time in 2012, and reports of redundancies and flagging sales led some to believe BlackBerry had had its day. That was until the Canadian manufacturer unveiled the BlackBerry Z10, the mobile that has the potential to revive the company’s fortunes.

BlackBerry has always been known for devices that allow users to communicate quickly and easily, but what’s new about the BlackBerry Z10? Read on for the lowdown on the handset’s features and what they can do for you…

BlackBerry Hub keeps you connected to your conversations at all times

BlackBerry Hub is a handy feature of BlackBerry 10 that collects together message notifications in one area. The hub can be easily accessed via an upward and to the right swipe from within any app or feature of the phone, allowing you to ‘peek’ in to check for new messages.

This functionality is known as BlackBerry Peek, and it basically means you can be playing a game, surfing the web, or doing anything else on your mobile, and view the hub without having to leave any of those things completely. BlackBerry Peek allows you to keep on top of all your conversations while multitasking, and only respond immediately to the messages which are most important to you.

BlackBerry Keyboard makes typing texts and emails speedy

BlackBerry is famous for its QWERTY phones, and it’s these devices that have been popular with text, email and BBM junkies such as business folk and chatty teenagers. Although BlackBerry has done away with the QWERTY in favour of a touchscreen keyboard on the BlackBerry Z10, typing out messages is still speedy thanks to the keyboard’s intuitive functionality.

It learns how you type and figures out which letters you repeatedly hit off-centre, correcting them so you don’t make as many mistakes. Predictive text is on board too, and suggested words appear above the first letter of the word you begin typing so it can be easily ‘flicked’ into where the message is being composed with an upward swipe gesture. So, no matter whether you’re writing a text, an email, or a social networking message, the BlackBerry Keyboard will allow you to do it quickly and accurately.

BBM Video and Screen Share keeps you in visual contact

As it’s the 21st century, we’re not just content with keeping in contact via words on a screen. That’s why BlackBerry has seen fit to add video calling functionality to its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) instant messaging service. Not only that, but the Screen Share feature also on board, which allows you to share whatever is on your screen with the person you’re calling, without stopping the conversation.

For example, you could be chatting to a friend about a new house that has become available to buy. With Screen Share, you can show them pictures of the house from the internet whilst you continue to talk.

No matter what your preferred method of keeping in contact with your friends, family and colleagues, the BlackBerry Z10 really does excel in making keeping in touch as easy as possible. So if you’re a communication junkie, you may want to get a BlackBerry Z10 in your life. To find out more about the BlackBerry Z10 and see the device in action, take a look at our hands-on video review.

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