Is the Altius Samsung's Galaxy Smartwatch?

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samsung-smartwatch-altius.jpgIt’s been quite the week for smartwatch news, what with rumours of an Apple iWatch doing the rounds and now this: it seems as though Samsung are lining up the release of their own smartwatch, codenamed the Samsung Galaxy Altius.

As spotted by Gizmodo, a Korean message board has got its hands on what appears to be screengrabs from the Android-running Samsung timepiece. A sensibly reserved white-one-black interface, it appears to show not only the time, but also options to interact with music playback, maps and messages.

Though the tile-like interface could arguably be a major re-skin of Windows 8, it’s unlikely given how protective Microsoft are of the original look of the OS. Plus, that looks to our eyes at least very much like an Android drop-down notifications menu at the top of the screen.

However, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 also previously said to be codenamed Altius, we’d take this screens with a pinch of salt. They could very easily be mock-ups produced by an eager Samsung fan.

If Samsung are looking to get a smartwatch out there, we’d encourage them to get a move on with it. If the latest reports are to be believed, Apple are now charging forward with the design of their iWatch, putting 100 designers to work in their Cupertino labs.

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  • What i'm most concerned about is that these screens aresmall, and each time you basically cover it when you click on something. A solution might be the device fromCrucialte. How else would they do it?

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