Apple iWatch smartwatch nearing reality as 100 designers said to join the team


iwatch-concept.jpgApple’s rumoured iWatch smartwatch may be closer to hitting store shelves than we first thought, with Apple now said to be building a significantly sized team around the project.

Sources speaking with Bloomberg have claimed that the Cupertino company has put together a team of 100 product designers to work on a “watch-like device” capable of performing computing tasks that would supplement an iPhone or iPad.

Two fairly senior Apple employees are named in association with the project: James Foster, senior director of engineering and Achim Pantfoerder, a program manager. Other managers, marketing teams, software and hardware engineers are also now said to be putting their heads down to make the iWatch a reality.

The sudden surge towards a final design is said to come as Apple CEO Tim Cook comes under increased pressure to release a new revolutionary product as rivals like Samsung gain ground on Apple’s current smartphone and tablet marketshare.

The latest rumours concerning the iWatch detail a device that sits on the rest, made of a sheet of flexible, curved glass, possibly Corning’s Willow Glass. It’s house an Intel chip and 1.5-inch OLED display and would use Apple’s iOS operating system to run apps, access maps and make use of the company’s Siri voice assistant.

Gerald Lynch