Internet Explorer 10 finally hits Windows 7


IE10-metro-logo.jpgWindows 7 users, Microsoft has not abandoned you! Though most of the Redmond company’s attention of late has been on Windows 8, Windows 7 users today get the latest version of Internet Explorer, IE10.

In order to get Internet Explorer 10, you’ll need to have Windows 7’s Service Pack 1 installed. So long as you haven’t blocked Microsoft from making automatic upgrades to the OS you should be fine, with it landing automatically through Windows Update. Also, anyone running IE10 Release Preview will also get the update today.

IE10 for Windows 7 shares many of the Windows 8 build’s features, but doesn’t have the full screen Windows 8 view, while Flash remains a separate plug-in that has to be updated manually.

What you do get though is built-in spell check and auto-correct, faster tab closing and default Do Not Track privacy settings. It’s also up to 20% faster than IE9.

Gerald Lynch
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