Adidas Boost running trainer bringing the bounce on February 13

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“This will change running forever.”

That’s the claim Adidas are levelling at their latest running shoes, the Adidas Boost trainers, set to launch on February 13.

Little is known about the shoes at present ahead of next week’s launch, but the teaser video above gives a few suggestions as to what to expect. In it, three metal balls hit three different types of materials – concrete, EVA and the new material called Boost.

The ball that hits the Boost material is the bounciest of all, and the suggestion is that whatever innovation Adidas have got planned for your feet will put a bit more bound in your stride. Not unlike John Carter, we hope (there’s a reference for the four people who saw that film). A reference to “Endless Energy” also suggests that the shoe could help users run for longer, perhaps burning less energy as there is more bounce in their stride helping them cover more ground more quickly? So far, all we can picture in our heads is something a bit like this:
pogo-shoes.jpgAt present, the link to the Adidas/boost page at the end of the clip only redirects back to the Adidas running site.

Any ideas what it could be then? Adidas are no strangers to putting high-tech ideas into sporting wear – just look back at the heated trousers they produced for Team GB ahead of the Olympic games, allowing their muscles to stay warm for longer after a warm up.

We’ll be heading down to the Adidas launch event on February 13, when all will be revealed. Check back then for all the details.

Gerald Lynch
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