Win a trip into space with…Lynx deodorant???

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We’ve all probably come to terms with the fact that we’re never going to make it as NASA astronauts, a fact as much to do with dwindling space program budgets as it is to do with our beer bellies. But what if you could win a place on an exclusive private space flight? Would you take it?

That’s the chance offered by men’s fragrance brand Lynx, who looking to shoot one wannabe spaceman up into the great beyond as part of the Lynx Space Academy program.

Running in 77 countries, applicants will be whittled down to 22 potential flight candidates, with the winner coming out on top of a challenge weekend against fellow entrants before taking part in an intensive space camp training schedule in Florida.

The flights, handled by private space tourism firm Space Expedition Corporation (Space XC) in the XCOR Lynx aircraft, which takes off and lands just like a regular plane, but reaches heights of 61 km, allowing passengers to experience weightlessness and get an alien’s-eye view of the Earth. Space XC will be running commercial flights into space as of 2014, around the same time that the lucky winner’s flight will be scheduled for.

Lynx have managed to get some big names onboard as part of the campaign too, with the world’s most famous living astronaut Buzz Aldrin on promotional duties.

“I’m thrilled that Lynx is giving the young people of today such an extraordinary opportunity to experience some of what I’ve encountered in space,” said the Apollo 11 1969 moon landing veteran.

It’s quite the prize, worth $95,000, with the company already having sold hundreds of space flights. None of these however have taken off yet with space tourists onboard, so it really is only a competition for the truly intrepid, and truly fearless. Probably best not to watch Apollo 13 before applying, too.

If the thought of burning up in the return trip through the Earth’s atmosphere doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, you can enter the competition by visiting Godspeed!

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