Vine, Twitter's Instagram for video rival iPhone app, almost ready for mass consumption

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Twitter are thought to be nearing the launch of their new video sharing app Vine.

The social networking site bought Vine, a video file-sharing start up last year, and the first fruit of the partnership (an iPhone app) is now thought to be nearly ready.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo posted a video showing his culinary skills using the service today, which you can view embedded below:

As shown by the video, and mirroring the short-burst nature of Twitter itself, Vine is designed to only capture and post videos six seconds long, making them quick to post to Twitter, even if on a 3G connection. Light editing functions allowing for the creation of video montages are also said to be available, as will be an Instagram style follow and community system.

All Things Digital go so far as to suggest the application may launch today, while a new Vine Twitter account has opened at @vineapp.

For more on Vine once it launches, click here.

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