Smart glasses like Google Glass and wearable fitness devices to hit 70 million sales by 2017, devices from Apple and Microsoft on the way, suggests new report

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google-glass-blonde-lady.jpgSmart glasses such as Google’s Project Glass and other wearable smart devices including health and fitness trackers could hit 70 million sales by 2017, a new report by Juniper Research has found.

Referring to the period between 2013 and 2017, Juniper predict a steady rise in adoption of wearable devices, reasoning that sales will rise from 15 million devices sold to 70 million by 2017 as prices fall and consumer familiarity and confidence in the new hi-tech market increases.

As well as Google’s Glass, Juniper predict similar smart devices to land from Microsoft and Apple, with sports and healthcare devices the most likely launches as they are expected to dominate with a combined share 80% market share by 2017.

Part of the success of smart glasses and wearable devices will be dependent on building a popular app eco system adds the report, preferably one that interacts and integrates with stores that are already established and familiar to consumers.

“The development of the smartphone/app store model has opened up new avenues for other segments within the market, such as the wearable device market, by combining mobility with an efficient method of software delivery,” said report author Nitin Bhas.

“The simultaneous development of app-ecosystem and wearable devices will integrate technologies, such as augmented reality, into human life more seamlessly.”

Overall, the market is expected to be worth $1.5 billion by 2017, with consumers in North America and western Europe making up 60% of the global market for wearable devices.

However, it’s still early days for wearable devices and augmented reality headsets. Just today Google announced a pair of conferences to help budding Glass developers get up to speed.

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