Lookout Android security app automatically snaps photo of phone thieves

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lookout-2.jpgMobile security firm Lookout have updated their Android app with a new feature called Lock Cam, aimed at deterring potential phone thieves and helping victims of theft track down their phones if they are stolen.

Activating the feature on an Android phone sees the Lock Cam take a picture using the smartphone’s front-facing camera if an incorrect password is entered multiple times on the lockscreen. This image is then sent back to the phone’s true owner, helping them track down the thief with the police, or to confirm the details of an insurance claim.

The update also adds the ability of adding a personalised message to the lockscreen should your phone become misplaced, allowing you to add an address or contact number to encourage good samaritans to return the device.

“Smartphones have become one of our most personal and valuable possessions, so it’s understandable that we want to protect them from prying eyes,” said Kevin Mahaffey, co-founder and CTO of Lookout.

“We are committed to helping people keep their private information just that – private. We also understand the emotional and financial impact of lost and stolen phones, which is why we offer a number of features that help people recover their smartphone.”

It’s the second major update to the Lookout app in the last few months. The security app was completely overhauled back in October, bringing with it a new design, protection against click-to-call threats and the ability to track down a missing phone’s last known location right up until the point where its battery died.

Click here to check out the app. It’s free, though some services require a £1.99 a month subscription.

Gerald Lynch
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