LG 55-inch 55EM9700 OLED TV on sale in Korean stores: UK and US release to follow shortly

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lg-55em9700-oled-tv.jpgAfter a wait that’s felt like an age, LG have finally unleashed a commercially available large screen OLED TV to consumers. Korean home cinema fans can now get their mitts on the 55-inch 55EM9700.

A lush WRGB panel (adding a white pixel to the usual red, green blue array for brighter images), the screen is an insanely thin 4mm thick, weighing just 10kg, with a wide viewing angle and deep blacks.

The screen looks very similar to the 55EM9600, which Tech Digest went eyes-on with back in May of last year. It never made it to market in the end, but our first impressions of that TV should give you a good idea of what to expect with the 55EM9700.

1,400 Korean stores will be stocking the OLED TV, with shipping due to start in February. UK, US and European home cinema fanatics can expect a localised release to follow shortly afterwards, but be warned; it don’t come cheap. The 55EM9700 lands with a 1,100,000 Korean Won price tag. That’s around £6,300 or over $10,000.

Set to wow that crowds on the CES 2013 show floor next week, we’ll have more from LG’s home cinema portfolio for 2013 next week.

Gerald Lynch
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