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joyland-top.jpegWe’ve heard rumour in the past of a crazy unlicensed World of Warcraft amusement park in Changzhou, China, and now we’ve got visual confirmation that the site exists. And, somewhat surprisingly, it looks pretty awesome.

A Reddit user going by the username FrancescaO_O took a trip to the park and posted images of the site, which is called Joyland.

We’re not sure we’ve seen a more flagrant display of copyright infringement in our lives, but there’s no denying that Joyland looks like a blast. From Tauren and Pandaria panda statues to a recreation of the entrance to Stormwind City (not to mention a ton of rides ranked based on their “Happiness” and “Splendor” ratings), it looks like fun on a massive, Blizzard-inspired scale.

Apparently costing 300 million YEN to build with an admission cost of around £20, the site is still expanding.

Hilariously, the “Splash of Monster Blood” attraction states that “tourists over 60 years old are not permitted”, presumably as the park fears getting sued by the relatives of pensioners struck dead by the sheer thrill of the ride. Obviously, Joyland’s creators couldn’t care less about being sued by Blizzard’s legal teams though!

Scroll down for more images from Joyland.

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