Fresh BlackBerry 10 leaks as BB10 training manual revealed

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bb-10-training-leak.pngThe BlackBerry 10 leaks are coming thick and fast now ahead of the operating system’s January 30 launch. As well as new info about the BlackBerry X10 and Z10 handsets touching down this week, now RIM have to suffer a BlackBerry 10 training manual hitting the web too.

Intended for employees of the mobile carrier Rogers, it’s found its way to BlackBerry blog CrackBerry in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

The slides see RIM claim “best in class HTML5 compatibility and performance” for its new web browser, with the Canadian company also claiming here that 70,000 apps will be available for the new operating system at launch.

As well as general discussion on features of the operating system, the slides also go into detail on specific hardware details of what presumably is the Z10 handset, revealing a 356dpi screen with “beautiful contrast and saturation”, as well as the Qualcomm S4 processor. Scroll down to see the slideshow in its entirety.

More leaks coming out of RIM HQ at the moment than through a string vest in a waterfall. Makes you wonder if someone’s being purposefully lax in order to build a little hype ahead of the event, eh?

Via: Crackberry

Gerald Lynch
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