Why Apple should have designs on your wrist – iWatch anyone?


Over at our sibling site Brandish, they have been looking at one of the year’s hottest tech trends – smart watches.

The article makes the point that the smart watch is in exactly the same shape as the tablet PC/MP3 player markets were when Apple entered them with the iPad/iPod. In short there is some good product out there, but they need to be propelled into the mainstream by a company that understands creating elegant designs and users interfaces that are simple to operate. Can you think of anyone.

The article also suggest that there might be a role for Siri as voice control for an iWatch and that in some way the company has already done the groundwork in that iPad nano has the screen size of a smart watch and already has many of its features. All it would need to do would be for Apple to add a Bluetooth connection to the iPhone that enables the nano to access data and it would have a smart watch.

There’s also a gallery of the hottest new smart watches from the likes of Sony, Pebble, Cookoo and I’m Watch.

Read it here.

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