Sonos updates wireless streaming abilities for iPhone and iPad users

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play-itunes-direct-sonos.jpgSonos have updated their controller app for iOS devices to improve its wireless streaming capabilities.

iPhone, iPod and iPad users running iOS 6 will be able to stream tracks direct from their devices iTunes library. Prior to the update, users either had to invest in a £100 iPhone dock to access tracks on their iDevices, have tracks stored locally on a networked hard drive or use Sonos’s cloud-based music streaming providers such as Spotify or Napster.

Now, so long as the songs you’re looking to play aren’t DRM protected, you’ll be able to fire them over the air straight to your Sonos speaker systems. The same goes for podcasts, bringing Sonos up to Apple AirPlay-like standards for iOS users.

“Simple, clean, and seamless, favourite tracks and artists are available instantly in multi room Hi-Fi sound, putting an end to situations where music may sometimes never leave an iPhone or iPad,” reads the Sonos press release.

No word yet on whether Android users will get similar features added, but we’ll keep you posted. The new iOS update however should be rolling out now.

Gerald Lynch
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