TRAILER: In the new Tomb Raider, "Survival" means blowing up lots and lots of stuff

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After a long old wait since its big debut reveal (over two years now in fact) we’re finally edging closer to the March 5 2013 release of the Tomb Raider reboot. And, as a little Christmas present, publisher Square Enix have pushed out a new trailer called “Survival” to keep us excited over the busy holiday period.

If the first run of clips for the game showed a young Lara Croft in a vulnerable state, stranded on a remote island, the Survival trailer shows her pretty much back to her all-guns-blazing roots. Sure, she’s a bit more introspective, but that doesn’t stop her raiding an enemy camp with a shotgun, blowing up many a “red explosive barrel” and bludgeoning a man to death with a blunt object.

It’s all gone a bit Uncharted. That’s no bad thing in terms of gameplay (the Uncharted games are basically as fun as they get), and the visuals and voice acting look properly top notch. But I was hoping that this Tomb Raider reboot would take a more subtle approach. Isn’t Survival really about foraging, living off the land, building shelters? I’d hoped Lara would get to show her skills as a survivalist as much as an action hero, but that’s looking like less of a focus of the game now.

Still, a trailer sells a game on its boldest moments. Here’s hoping the balance between a more thoughtful tomb raiding adventure and blockbusting action has been carefully met.

Scroll up to check the trailer.

Gerald Lynch
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