Sony Xperia Yuga 1080p 5-inch smartphone pops up in leaked snaps

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Yuga-Leak-03-900-901.jpgSony’s rumoured 5-inch smartphone monster, known as the Sony Xperia Yuga, is thought to have appeared online in a series of newly-published spyshots.

As ever, the grainy nature of the photos snapped makes it difficult to ascertain their credibility (if anything, it suggests there might be a little bit of fakery going on here). However, combined with the rumoured specs we’ve already heard, it’s looking a pretty special handset, especially if the photos turn out to be the real deal.

Showing off a near-edge-to-edge display, the 5-inch smartphone looks quite close to the design of the iPhone 4 and 4S, right down to the chrome buttons on the right edge.

We’ve previously heard rumours that the Yuga will sport an insane 1080p display (the same sort of resolution that you’d find in your average flatscreen TV these days), as well as some sort of quad-core processor.

Yuga-Leak-04-900-90.jpgMobile Review (the site claiming ownership of the shots) have a pretty decent track record when it comes to getting their hands on real prototype mobile devices, so these spy shots hold a little more weight than we’d normally give such leaks.

With CES just a matter of weeks away, it’s likely we wont have long to wait until Sony reveal their “phablet” device. We’ll keep you posted with any concrete info as we get it.

Gerald Lynch
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