Queen's Christmas speech to be broadcast in 3D: Will you be sober enough to notice?

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Queen-Elizabeth-3d-thumb.jpgThe Queen’s speech, the royal’s annual address to her subjects, is to be broadcast in 3D for the first time this year.

Moving with the times, Elizabeth II had her speech recorded by BSkyB last Friday, with the broadcasters recording the speech using 3D equipment.

It’s been a busy year for the Queen, what with the royal wedding, the recent announcement of a new great-grandchild and her liaison with James Bond for the Olympics.

Broadcast on Sky, the BBC and ITV, the Queen’s speech will be available in 3D for those with access to the necessary channels and 3D television viewing equipment. It airs at 3pm on Christmas Day.

However we (like many other UK residents, we expect), are sure to be totally bladdered by that time on Christmas Day. Being able to tell whether all shows on the TV are in 3D or not by that point may be a challenge.

Gerald Lynch
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