Nintendo Wii U getting Google Maps update: Street View in your GamePad

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nintendo-wii-u-google-maps.jpgNintendo are adding Google Maps functionality to their new Wii U console.

Revealed during a Nintendo Direct online video, the Panorama View application (set to be released as a free download on the consoles app store soon) has now been updated to include Google’s satellite maps and worm’s-eye-view Street View features.

Users will be able to control the maps using the Wii U’s tablet-style GamePad, using its accelerometer and gyro hardware to turn and tilt the maps in their hands, with the touchscreen view changing according to the user’s movements.

Capitalising on the console’s dual-screen set-up, the connected Wii U console can also show simultaneously the satellite mapping view that corresponds with the Street View location on a big-screen TV – perfect if you’re trying to map out a walk around a town you’re unfamiliar with.

The Panorama View app will also offer 360-degree videos of famous landmarks and world events, including Rio’s carnival and an open top bus tour of London.

No word yet on when the app and Google update will land, but we’ll keep you posted once we find out.

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