Logitech roll out Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard for Mac and iPad, as well as Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac

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logitech-bluetooth-easy-switch-keyboard.jpgHot on the heels of their Windows 8 range, Logitech throw a pair of new Mac accessories out into the wilds of the pre-Christmas shopping period. Both Mac-focussed takes on ideas already seen in their Windows 8 range, Logitech are today introducing the Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard for Mac and iPad, as well as the Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac.

Taking a look first at the keyboard, it’s a full size backlit affair, offering Bluetooth pairing with up to three other Bluetooth enabled devices, such as an iPad or iPhone. These can be quickly flicked between with the push of a dedicated Bluetooth button, while the backlit keys are illuminated only when your hands approach their sensors, or when the sensors read low light in your environment.
logitech-rechargeable-trackpad-for-mac.jpgThe wireless trackpad apes Apple’s own Magic Trackpad, offering full support for all of OS X’s multi-finger gestures. A glass trackpad, if it’s responsive to the touch it may even better Apple’s design by offering USB recharging, whereas the Magic Trackpad relies on AA batteries.

Expect to pay £89.99 for the keyboard and £59.99 when they launch on the Logitech store in January next year.

Gerald Lynch
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