Google Maps back on iPhone after Apple Maps iOS 6 debacle

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Google Maps is now available again in app form for iPhone’s, following being booted off Apple’s mobile platform with the launch of iOS 6 and Apple’s own mapping system, Apple Maps.

Google Maps, the premier mapping solution available for mobile, can now be grabbed from Apple’s App Store. Until now iPhone users have only been able to access the browser-based version of Google Maps, leading many to turn the site into a homescreen bookmark. The updated app brings with it new turn-by-turn navigation and vector maps (which consume less mobile data), all features Apple had requested from the service prior to chucking it in favour of their own service.

However, Apple Maps left egg on the face of the Cupertino company thanks to it’s inaccurate location data, missing transport information and buggy, wobbly satellite photography.

So great was the backlash against the mapping service that Apple CEO Tim cook had to give a public apology in which he recommended rival, alternative services from Microsoft or Nokia. It eventually led to the dismissal of Scott Forstall, head of the iOS software team and the man chiefly responsible for Apple Maps’ delivery.

Though Google Maps is now available to all iPhone users, Apple’s Maps is still the default option on iOS devices, which means any third-party app that looks to re-direct you to mapping information will fire up Apple Maps over Google Maps. Google however have provided an API for developers that will let them tap directly into their mapping service should they choose to do so, bypassing Apple Maps altogether.

You can grab the app by clicking here. Google have yet to release an iPad optimised version of the app, though the iPhone version an be used on Apple’s tablet and stretched to fit the screen.

Gerald Lynch
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