Samsung preparing to push bendy phones for 2013

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samsung-bendy-phones.jpgWhat do you do next when you’ve pretty much got the Android smartphone market all sewn up? Make a range of madcap bendy phones, that’s what. Or at least that’s what you do if you’re Samsung; according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, the South Korean tech company are preparing to fast track a line of flexible phones for summer 2013.

The new phones will swap out glass for plastics in the displays, with the OLEDs found in standard displays instead put on flexible materials like metal foil. Using this technique and malleable plastics in the chassis, you’re able to put together a phone that can flex without snapping and a screen that can’t crack.

Samsung haven’t divulged how much they’ve invested, but are banking on the phones being the next big thing, pushing hard to get the range out in the first half of next year before competitors have a chance to match them.

Not so sure about it being the next big thing, but there’s definitely room for flexible display technology in mobiles. Rugged phones especially could benefit from the tech, though it may be a gimmick for the wider mobile phone market.

Via: WSJ

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