iPad Mini DOES have stereo speakers, despite Amazon's claims, says Schiller

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stereo-ipad-mini.jpegDespite hosting an official launch event for the iPad Mini, there were still a few questions left unanswered by Apple at the tablet’s launch.

One such question was whether or not the iPad Mini had a stereo speaker unit or just a mono one, an uncertainty capitalised upon by Amazon with a blow-by-blow spec comparison between the iPad Mini and Amazon Kindle Fire HD, inevitably in favour of their own product.

The speaker mystery at least however has now been cleared up by Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller. Replying to an email direct from a customer called “Alex” who was concerned about the speaker quality on the new tablet, Schiller gave a simple three-word emailed response: “It is stereo”.

Additional sources, including The Verge’s Joshua Toplosky, have since independently verified the inclusion of stereo speakers.

In the UK, iPad Mini Wi-Fi will sell for £269 for the 16GB model, £349 for the 32GB model and £429 for the 64GB model. Pop £100 onto the end of each of those prices if you want a version with a 4G connection.

In America, the iPad Mini is starting at $329 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model, a 32GB iPad Mini is $429, with the 64GB version available for $519. If you’re after LTE connectivity, add $130 to the price of each model.

Wi-Fi only models will launch on November 2nd. Models with a cellular connection will land two weeks later. Pre-orders kicked off on October 26th.

Via: 9to5Mac

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