HOLD ONTO YOUR RECEIPT: iPad Mini gets iFixit tear-down, and it isn't an easy fix

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ifixit-ipad-mini.jpegGetting an iPad Mini today? Then you’ll also want to invest in a protective case and some insurance for it, as the latest iFixit tear-down has shown Apple’s newest tablet to be just as difficult to repair as its predecessors.

Though a damaged screen should be a difficult but possible DIY fix due to the glass panel not being fixed to the display, any internal damage to component are almost impossible to fix, due to elements being soldered together.

It’s the second Apple product this year to come with a DIY warning from the gadget-fixing site, with the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display considered by the experts at the site to be on of the hardest laptops ever to fix manually.

The teardown also reveals some info an the iPad Mini’s components. Despite reports that Samsung and Apple were now longer to partner for Apple device components, iFixit’s iPad Mini had a Samsung display. Sharp and LG are both said to have provided displays for the line too.

Confirming Phil Schillers claims, the iFixit team discovered stereo (not mono) speakers onboard, as well as the same dual-core A5 processor as the iPad 2.

Via: iFixit

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