VIDEO: Gmail for Android gets set for new features update

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Google are preparing for a significant new update to their Gmail for Android app, bringing swipe to delete and archive controls, as well as pinch-to-zoom gestures to their mobile email application.

Revealed by Android fan site, the site has installed an early version of the new update on their Galaxy Nexus handset running Android 4.1. You can see the results in the video posted above.

Android users familiar with Android’s notifications controls will find the swipe to delete/ archive controls come naturally to them, as it’s also the way the OS handles swiping away unwanted notifications.

“Gmail has made this feature nice and configurable”, say the Android Police team.

“Digging through the options will let you change your swipes to ‘No effect’ ‘Archive or delete’ or ‘Always Delete.’ The default, “Archive or delete,” will archive swiped messages when you’re in the inbox, delete swiped messages when you’re in All Mail or Sent, and remove a label when you’re in a label-only view.”

Pinch-to-zoom does exactly what it says on the tin, letting you use the now-common gesture control to resize text and messages. It’s a shame that Google hasn’t yet implemented text reflow though, making resized text fit to the screen width – HTC’s Sense UI does it so well we struggle to comfortably browse the web or view mail when moving to other brand’s devices. Seriously, text reflow should come as standard by now.

Via: Android Police

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