Qualcomm QPrize regional funding awarded to Everplaces and Pult

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QPrize_winners.jpgQualcomm have announced the latest regional winners of their annual QPrize venture investment competition, which aims each year to hunt down the very best in apps and digital start-ups. Everplaces and Pult have each nabbed €100,000 worth of funding as European regional winners for 2012.

Everplaces allows its users to share a personal travel collection, creating lists and image databases of some of the world’s best kept secret locations. Pult offers new functionality to smartphone owners, turning their device into an ID and remote control that allows them to stream personal and commercial content to connected screens.

“Everplaces and Pult truly stand out among the newest generation of up-and-coming entrepreneurs. As QPrize competitors, they demonstrated an impressive combination of technical accomplishment and managerial leadership,” said Nagraj Kashyap, vice president of Qualcomm Ventures, the venture investment arm of Qualcomm Technologies, Incorporated.

“We congratulate them on this huge achievement and look forward to seeing their development and participation in the Grand Prize competition.”

Everplaces and Pult will now enter the Grand Final stage of the QPrize competition, where they will go up against the other regional finalists from around the world, looking to secure a further €150,000 of funding. The winner will be announced in San Francisco at some point in Q1 2013.

Information on the other European regional finalists follows below:

Aircus – Platform to allow SMEs to manage their online presence (Foursquare, Facebook, Yelp, etc) intelligently and all from one place
Augment – Mobile app letting users visualize any product in their real environment, through their tablet and smartphone camera
BusyFlow – Enables access to all users’ cloud-based content from multiple providers via one easy to use dashboard
Carambla – Unified cross-platform office suite Software platform to optimise the revenues of parking owners or tenants by unlocking their parking at times they don’t make use of it themselves
DoxOut – Unified cross-platform office suite application with cloud integration for PCs, laptops, smartphones and browsers
Healthy Heroes – Mobile game where players build their character through real life exercise
Infinit – Distributed file system allowing users to contribute local storage space to a common network providing the same feature as cloud storage
Masspay S.A. – Mobile payment platform for all phone users regardless of model and its capabilities
Mixgar Kft – Social jukebox to provide music for venues and social events
Near – Connects users with the freshest, hyper local news via contextual filtering and geofencing
Penxy – Presentation tool that allows seamless broadcasting and sharing for audience members locally and remotely
Smadex – Hyper local ad network and demand side platform that can help advertisers and media agencies create and distribute location-based rich media mobile ads
Takeplace – A one-stop event management application designed to make events easy, efficient and social
Zinc Software – Heart sensor platform built around a wireless ear worn biosensor

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