Telmap M8 sees Apple Maps on the ropes, stakes its claim as mobile mapping king

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telmap-m8-1.pngThe Apple Maps debacle on iPhone 5 has lead to a vacuum in the mobile mapping space. While Google still have Android sewn up with Google Maps, the clunky web-based bookmark alternative left for iOS users isn’t exactly ideal. Telmap are among those currently benefiting from the gap left by Google Maps on iPhones, experiencing a spike in users, and leading them to push forward the release of their new M8 app.

And it’s not half bad! Totally free, M8 pulls together mapping info as well as local amenities and the means to contact pals dotted around locally, putting all the tools to organise a great night out in one place.

Using mapping data from Navteq (which is far more reliable than Apple Maps; no relocated cities or wobbly topography here), M8 provides the user with live traffic updates, speed camera alerts and turn-by-turn spoken navigation, as well as pedestrian options for those out on foot.telmap-m8-2.pngOffering local information from content providers such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet, it’s easy to use the app to track down a local amenity of the best nightlife in your current area, offering detailed descriptions of restaurants, landmarks and pubs and clubs. From cash machines to Barclay’s “Boris Bike” Cycle stations, it’s a comprehensive offering.

Social options also let you track down nearby friends, popping all the tweets in your locality onto a map, though there’s no way yet to filter it just to your personal pals.

But plenty of future updates are on the cards, with Thomson Local, The Good Pub Guide and new turn-by-turn voices including Wallace and Gromit and Stephen Fry all coming before the end of the year for a small fee.

This is all navigated through a simple, app-grid style interface, collecting together similar functions for a simple, friendly user experience.

To grab the app for iPhone, click here. You can also pick up the Android version by clicking here.

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