Logitech G710+ mechanical keyboard lands for gamers

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logitech-g710-keyboard-1.jpgLogitech have been churning out high-quality gaming accessories for PC players for years now, which makes it all the more surprising that their newly-revealed G710+ is actually their first mechanical keyboard.

High-speed and incredibly responsive compared to a rubber-domed keyboard, Logitech even claim to have fixed mechanical keyboards biggest bugbear, being their clackety-clack key press sound. The G710+ uses a dampening ring underneath each key to give a “whisper quiet” sound when in use.
logitech-g710-keyboard-2.jpgGood for as many as 50 million keystrokes, the keys are also backlit with white LEDs for late night gaming sessions.

Six G-Keys also give macro-building options, letting you set three macros per key for a total of 18 pre-programmed key press combinations.

Designed with input speed in mind, the keyboard is hard wired rather than wireless, and also features a range of media shortcut keys.

You’re looking at a £149 asking price for the Logitech G710+, available direct from Logitech.

Gerald Lynch
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