Star Wars: The Old Republic free-to-play details/restrictions revealed

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star-wars-old-republic.jpgStar Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware and EA’s ambitious but ultimately failed MMORPG set in George Lucas’s sci-fi universe, is almost ready to make the transition from subscription based to free-to-play. After months of deliberation, the exact details on what will or won’t be available to free-to-play players has finally been revealed.

Free-to-play (F2P) players will get access to the entirety of the game’s story based content which, if you ask us, is the game’s strongest point anyway. That goes right the way up to level 50, meaning you’ll be able to see your character’s story arc play out in full without the need to pay a penny.

However, heavy restrictions are imposed on the games PvP Warzones and PvE Flashpoints (dungeons). You’ll get access to three Warzones, three Flashpoints and three Space Missions per week. To get unlimited access to these features, you’ll need to purchase a Weekly Pass.

Also, endgame Operations aren’t available at all under F2P, so you’ll have to pay for a Weekly Pass to get any access at all to these. And here’s where the F2P model seems at its weakest; you’ll also have to buy licenses to equip many of the games best “purple rarity” weapons and items, meaning you’ll have to pay at some point to get the very best gear. That’s a real shame.

The full breakdown chart an be found on The Old Republic website, here.

Pricing has not yet been revealed for each pass or individual pay-to-play feature.

Other restrictions mainly lie with convenience; faster Quick Travel cooldown times for paying players, more Field Revivals when you die if you cough up the cash, the option to unlock more Crew Skill slots in exchange for paid-for in-game Cartel Coins.

Of course, the current subscription model is still available for those who wish to pay for it, and they’ll get the same unlimited access to all features as they ever have done.

No word yet on when the free-to-play game will open its doors, but it’s got to be soon now. We’ll keep you posted.

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