24 different iPad Mini models on the way??

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ipad-mini-first.jpgYou wait three years for an iPad Mini to land, then 24 turn up all at once. That’s the rumour coming out of 9to5Mac this morning, who’ve got their hands on an SKU that suggests there will be 24 different versions of the miniature tablet launching on 23 October.
The list shows four different models: P101, P103, P105 and P107. Each of these is then broken down into variant marked as “Good”. “Better”, “Best”, which we’re hazarding a guess as being 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage capacities respectively. Each of these are then given one final variant, “A” or “B”, which we’re guessing means black or white colours. That makes a grand total of 24 different models.ipad-mini-24-sku.jpgThis follows a leak earlier in the week week that suggested there will be both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi and “cellular” (either 3G or 4G) models of the iPad Mini available too.

It’s also been suggested that a revised iPad 3 will launch, featuring the new svelte Lightning Bolt charging connection, first seen in the iPhone 5.

With the official launch invite now putting the iPad Mini’s grand unveiling down for 23 October, we wont have long now to wait to find out just how many of these rumours prove true.

Via: 9to5Mac

Gerald Lynch
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