Sarah Brightman to become world's most unlikely astronaut

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sarah-brightman-002-03.jpgTime to say goodbye to British soprano Sarah Brightman; the Phantom of the Opera star is set to take a trip into space, travelling on a Russian spaceship and flying to the International Space Station, 250 miles above Earth.

Setting off as part of a three person crew at some point between 2014 and 2015, the former wife of composer and “King Toad-Face” Andrew Lloyd Webber will be in orbit for 12 days, as part of a trip that would have cost her “tens of millions of dollars”.

Fulfilling the requirements of a complex medical, Brightman (aged 52) will undergo six months of intense training following the conclusion of her 2013 world tour before heading off.

“I am more excited about this than I have been about anything I have done to date. This is beyond my wildest dreams,” said Brightman during a press conference in Moscow yesterday.

The singer will become the first civilian to travel into space since 2009.

Brightman releases her new album, ‘Dreamchaser’, in January of next year.

Gerald Lynch
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