Is this the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

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13-inch-retina-mac-top.pngWhile tomorrow’s Apple launch event will almost certainly bring with it the unveiling of an iPad Mini, there’s plenty of speulation suggesting the event will also leave room to reveal Apple’s updated computer line, including Mac Minis, iMacs and a new Retina MacBook Pro, the latter of which we may now have the first pictures of.

WeiPhone claim to have gotten their hands on a few leaked pictures of the smaller Retina MacBook Pro, showing a laptop with a smaller body but with an impressive 2566×1600, the same as features in the 15-inch model.13-inch-retina-leak.jpgThe pictures reveal a few changes over the larger version though. Firstly there are no speaker ports either side of the keyboard, as is found in the 15-inch version, and the alignment of the side ports aren’t the same as the 15-inch either.

Ports on show include a HDMI port (not currently in the 13-inch MacBook Pro), as well as two Thunderbolt ports and what appears to be a USB 3.0 port.

Sceptics may point out that the machine’s USB 3.0 port has a blue connection, which goes against the design conventions of the bigger Retina MacBook; with all USB ports on the new laptops being 3.0 ones, the decision was made to keep them the same chrome colour as everything else. With no need to differentiate, is this a fraudulent leak, or simply a prototype model?

It’s looking promising though, with reports suggesting a $1,600 (£1,000) asking price.

Hopefully we’ll have more to bring you following tomorrow night’s Apple event. We’ll keep you posted.

Gerald Lynch
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