Google closing more web services: Adsense for Feeds, Places for Android and more

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google.pngIt’s time for another round of Spring (or should that be Autumn?) cleaning at Google, with the web giants announcing that they’ll be pulling the shutters down over more of their lesser used products, and combining some older ones with newer ones.

Set for the chop are AdSense for Feeds, Classic Plus, Spreadsheet Gadgets, Places for Android, and +1 Reports in Webmaster Tools. Picasa is being prepared for a merger with Google Drive, which some may find convenient, though it now means that photos and files stored in Google’s cloud now share the same 5GB space, which could be a problem if you’ve a large library of images. It looks as though Google are trying to force the hand of those holding out from coughing up for premium storage space options.

Though these services due to be closed likely have a small committed user base that will feel the effects of the cuts, for many web-heads, they likely never even knew they existed. Running services costs time and manpower, and Google obviously didn’t see the worth in keeping these ones open any longer.

Previous services given the chop by Google include, Wave, Health and Desktop.

Gerald Lynch
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