VIDEO: The SketRobo robot is a better artist than you

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Call yourself an artist? Well, you’re about to be replaced by a newer, robot model. This is SketRobo, the “sketch master” robot on show at IFA 2012 from Tosy Robotics.

Aimed as an interactive “art teacher” toy for kids, it can use its little robot arms to draw basically anything you ask it to.

Though we saw only a prototype model hooked up to a PC, the finished product (due out in time for Christmas) will feature an onboard LCD control panel, a full software suite and the ability to recognise motion and human faces, and capture true-to-life portraits as a result.

The idea is that it’ll teach kids how to draw, but we give roughly twenty minutes come Christmas morning before someone programs it draw soon boobs.

Check it out in the video above, sans boobies.

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